I am Gauree, a Beauty Therapist and a Hair Stylist by profession. I have completed my Graduation in Commerce. Since am not practising my profession after marriage and am a Housewife now, I decided to work on my second passion and that’s Cooking.

I feel Cooking is the best way to communicate with people. I also like to learn and innovate new and interesting recipes and wanted to share  them with others and so I published this blog –  Soogran.com

I’ll basically be posting traditional Indian recipes especially Maharashtrian on this blog. I’ll try to include all traditional, authentic and special recipes which were passed on to us from our grand parents  and of which not many people are aware of these days.

Other than Cooking I keep myself busy in other activities and hobbies of mine – doing art work like warli painting, pot art work, knitting and so on. I love to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Desperate Housewives and off beat movies. I also like  listening to music. I love to play computer games whenever am upset as it cuts me off from the world and my tensions…

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  1. hi Gauri,
    you have a nice blog and good traditional recipes.
    i like regional recipes and keep looking for them…hope i find new ones at your blog .
    i’ll be back to see more of it.

  2. heyyyy….hi buddy
    ekdam mast blog aahe…mala aani vivek la pan khup aavadla…ekdam kool…magg kadhi bolavnaar jevayala??? and yesss..congratulations for such a nice entry in blog world….keep it up….god bless…( and keep posting nice recipes for readers )

  3. Hey Gauree, I came across your blog today while searching for indian style continental noodles! I am cooking it tonight and lets see how it turns out 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful recipes. I am an amateur indian cook and would love to learn traditional indian dishes. I have lived in the UK since I was 16, away from my family. So I didn't get a chance to learn the traditional techniques from my granny and mom. Please could you share more yummy vegetarian or egg recipes (possibly low in cals)? Thanks so much,Good day.

  4. Hi Neetu,

    This Gauree's Husband – Darshan. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Gauree's Blog. In fact, Gauree is 8 months pregnant and so can't update her blog as of now. She will be most probably delivering next month and will resume posting, replying to comments after that. Please bear with us and pray for us. Thanks. Darshan Jog

  5. Hey Gauree, I came across your blog today while searching for Modak, it is very good. I am interested in traditional cooking. I liked your new hair style very much, you look too good in this hair style 🙂 what hair cut is it???

    All the Best

  6. Thank you. I was away on a break and now I am back. I’ll surely post more such recipes in the coming days for you.

  7. We know you as Ishan’s mom but today through this blog we came to know an other side of your personality. We definitely explore your recipes Grilled Pomfret with Tandoori Masala because Archita is fond of different dishes of fish. 

  8. It should be “Sugran” NOT “Sugaran”

    Sugran.com was not available when I registered. However, I got it later. Till then, this site had already picked up so I didn’t bother changing it.

  9. loved your dishes…. gd to see maharashtrian food by maharashtrian.. please upload veg recipes for toddlers and sure u will soon upload as u must have tried for ur son..

  10. Thank you very much. Yes you are absolutely right. I’ll post some recipes for toddlers soon. Keep visiting… 🙂

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