I’ll be back after a Brief Break !!!


Many thanks to all my blog visitors who have been repeatedly coming and commenting on my blog. All of you must have noticed that the blog has not been updated for months and may be wondering whether it is dead or whether I have lost interest.

It is not so. In fact I temporarily paused posting because of my pregnancy as I wanted to concentrate on it. I am now 9 months pregnant and am likely to deliver anytime now. I will surely resume posting here as soon as I am fit after my delivery.

Please bear with me till then.


Gauree Jog.

7 Replies to “I’ll be back after a Brief Break !!!”

  1. Hai Congrats …….. yaar…. so v r wating for ur blogs and u new comming BABY to ……. a new CUTE BABY in this world in a SOOGRAN WORLD… he he he he he he…. will have a Warm Wellcome to him and do take care of ur's to Gauri……….

    Wating for a Party from a wellknown SOOGRAN ( GAURI THE SOOGRAN )

  2. hi, this is rijuta kamble from pune,just saw your two rangolis,they are too good,i liked them a lot…waiting for few more rangolis…

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