Maharashtrian Crêpes (Ghavane) / Neer Dosa

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Ghavane is specially made by people living along the konkan coast. It is like crêpes made from rice batter. It is generally eaten along with chutney or gravy or vegetable (bhaaji). Very little ingredients are needed to make ghavane and yet it is very tasty. You can say its a kind of bread like chapati or bhakari. It is known in South India as Neer Dosa i.e., water dosa.


  • Rice (Masoori Tandul) – 2 bowls full
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil as needed

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  1. Wash and soak rice in water for about an hour or two.
  2. Grind it into a fine paste and add the remaining water to it , so that it becomes very thin and smooth liquid batter.
  3. Pour it on to a non-stick flat griddle (non-stick tawa) with a splash of oil on it.
  4. The batter should spread evenly on the griddle/pan. We can also do this by tilting the griddle.
  5. Drizzle oil around the edges and let it cook for a few minutes till it starts getting separated from the griddle and the surface becomes dry.
  6. Take the dosa on a serving plate with the same side down as it was on the griddle, so that it won’t stick as it is hot.
  7. Let it cool and then fold it in a half and then in a quarter just like a hand kerchief.
  8. You can also serve it hot with chutney, gravy, sambar, mutton rassa, vegetable (bhaaji), pickles or anything spicy.


  • Before starting the preparation do check the thickness of batter which is very important. If your dosa comes out very thick then you need to add some water into the batter.
  • The griddle or pan should be very hot.
  • I recommend not to flip over the dosa as after cooling it becomes kind of chewy, but it remains soft as a cloth if it is cooked only on one side.
  • You can make variations of ghavane or crepes or dosa by adding palak puree or thecha or chutney to the batter if you don’t want plain dosa or you are specially preparing it for kids.

So just cook  😉

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