Prawns Fried Rice

We mostly have some food left over in our fridge – rice, chapati, vegetables and so on. We are not sure of what to do with that. This recipe is made from left over rice but, is very delicious and easy to make.

Green Chicken with Garlic and Basil

[ad#Google Adsense Horizontal Links] Chicken can be cooked with any masala or marination. It’s up to our imagination and the taste we like. There can be many variations but, this time it’s for the kids and adults both. You can always improvise it while cooking. It’s the sign of a good cook :-P. If you… Continue reading Green Chicken with Garlic and Basil

Grilled Spicy Chicken

[ad#Google Adsense Horizontal Links] Check out this spicy grilled chicken which tastes really different. It has a sweet and  hot and spicy flavour which goes very good with chicken breast. This marination contains many different herbs which makes it very special. You can also use this marination with prawns and chicken wings and don’t forget… Continue reading Grilled Spicy Chicken

Shanghai Omelette

This is a different style omelette which you can easily make for meals as well as for sandwiches. It can be a tiffin special with bread slices and some hot and sweet sauce. Just go for it and let me know your comments.