Suran Kaap (Elephant Foot Yam Chips) For Upwas

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  1. Yam (Suran) – 250 gm (thick sliced)
  2. Red Chilli Powder (Lal Tikhat) – 2 tbsps
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Flour made for fast (Upwas Bhajani) – as needed (easily available is market)
  5. Oil as needed – for frying
  6. Ginger paste/grated (Ala/adrak) – 1/2 tspn
  7. Coriander (Kothimbeer) – 2 tbsp (finely chopped)

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  1. Yam has a sour taste and sometimes it is also itchy so we have to follow these instructions before starting the recipe.
  2. Peel and wash yam before cutting it into thick slices.
  3. Sprinkle some salt and keep it aside for 15 mins.
  4. It will become soft and will start releasing water which is to be thrown away.
  5. Wipe the chips with kitchen roll and thoroughly marinate them with the above ingredients.
  6. Roll the chips in the flour (bhajani) and then deep/ shallow fry them on a pan/griddle.
  7. Cook them covered for 5 mins then turn them up side down and again cook for 5 mins uncovered.
  8. Make them golden brown.
  9. I prefer shallow fry to avoid excess intake of oil but if you want them to be more crispier then deep fry them.
  10. Serve hot.


  1. Same procedure and ingredients you can also do Potato/ Sweet potato/Raw banana Chips which can be also eaten for upwas/fast.
  2. The 3rd point is applicable only for suranĀ  (yam).
  3. If you have less time then you can also cook those yam chips for 10 mins with salt and kokam (mangosteen 4-5) in it. Drain and follow the above procedure.

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